Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A-Z Challenge 2013: H is for Hue and Cry

Ever wondered where the phrase "hue and cry" came from? (Or did you already know - or think you knew?).  This became law in 1285.

A crime is committed.  A witness sees it being committed.
It is his responsibility to shout loudly (raise a hue
and cry), so that others could come and catch the criminal.  (If the criminal escaped over the parish boundary, it was the new parish who was responsible for catching him.)

If the witness failed to raise the hue, or failed to report the crime, they could be fined.

If you raised a false hue, you could also be fined.


  1. No mercy for crying wolf then?! Interesting post...

  2. As you say, no mercy for crying wolf...

    Thanks for stopping by - and I am heading for your blog right now!



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