Wednesday, 26 August 2015

WikiTree: One Place and One Name Studies

Diving back into WikiTree again this month.  If I am going to have an online tree, then I definitely prefer this one, because of the Honor Code (even though they can't spell LOL), the levels of privacy, the emphasis on providing sources - and, of course, it's FREE (my favourite price).

Over a year ago in July 2014 I set up the MURCH One-Name Study (to be my WikiTree version of  At the moment, a lot of them are my own ancestors (!), but I am slowly creating profiles for all the MURCHes on as well.  Now I'm thinking of doing the same thing for the BLAGDON surname.

Exactly a year ago I set up the South Pool One-Place Study to link up all the profiles where the ancestors have something to do with South Pool, Devon, England. 

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