Monday, 21 March 2016

A-Z Challenge 2016: Theme Reveal

2016 is here! (Well, of course, it was 'here' on 1st January, but let's not quibble).  Perhaps I should have said that the 2016 A-Z Challenge is nearly here.  It's the seventh Challenge, and the fifth time I have participated.  So it's also going to be the fifth time of my Genealogy Trivia theme.  Often, I surprise myself, as all the posts seem to follow a theme-within-a-theme i.e. they're all about genealogy, but one year they were about beginning genealogy, last year there were rather a lot of posts about death (C is for Corpse Way, I is for Infant Mortality, and so on).

This year, when you signed up for the Challenge and needed to put a code after your name on the list to show what sort of blog it was (Animals, Books, Craft, Gaming etc), the code I usually use (HI for History) had been changed to HM for History/Mythology.  At first, I was a little hurt, because my family tree is most definitely not mythology, but then I remembered the phrase famous among genealogists:

"Genealogy without sources is mythology"

So this year, although the main theme remains the same (genealogy), there may be quite a few posts about sources and where to find them. (And yes, my own family tree is positively bristling with sources.)

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