Sunday, 1 July 2012

21st Century Organized Family Historian: I'm In!

Michelle Goodrum of The Turning of Generations blog has initiated a year-long set of bite-sized projects to encourage us all to become more organised (see, I spelt it correctly there.  But then, I'm British...)  It is called the 21st Century Organized Family Historian, and you can read the introductory blog post here.

The projects include topics such as "Develop a Digital Organization Scheme", "Set Up a Work Area", "Eight Steps to Organize Heritage Photos", and so on.  I have come into this set of projects halfway through the year, so I will only be doing some and not others from the backlog.  For instance, I will not be attacking the ones regarding preparation for the US 1940 census (since my ancestors were born and died in the UK) - although I am working on said census as part of FamilySearch indexing.

Still, as any genealogist knows, you should never say "never" to anything and consider yourself so expert on a particular subject that you don't need to follow excellent back-to-basics projects like some of these.  Yes, of course you need to budget your time wisely, but along with that wisdom should come the phrase "I Am Not a Genealogy Snob."


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