Saturday, 25 June 2016

S is for Surname Studies, Statistics, and South Pool

I have to keep to a routine.  I have four surname studies, one One-Place study, ten websites/blogs, my own genealogy, a Facebook group - and a day job.  So I reserve specific days for specific tasks: like today (Saturday) is usually South Pool Saturday.

South Pool, in Devon, England, is my One-Place Study.  I am collecting everything I can find about the place (can anyone say ebay?) and building small trees of the people who lived and worked there.  I have also started a South Pool One Place Study within the branches of WikiTree.  I am transcribing its parish registers and slowly putting the results up on WikiTree, as well - and I am pleased to say that today (25th June 16) I have put all its baptisms from 1664 to 1699 on there, linking the individual's profiles.  There are now 569 profiles linked into the Study.  The Murch Name Study has 316 profiles (with plenty more offline), and the Blagdon Name Study 287.

Did you know that 49.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot?

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