Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Way Back Wednesday: I am Three today!

Yes, you read that right.  I started this blog on 29 May 2010, which makes me three today.  So I thought I would look back at my very first post and see if I have achieved anything along the way...

My post was a short one:
"This blog is intended to be an extension to my ancestor-spotting records at home of names, dates and places.  It is going to be the place where I put my family history.  Anecdotes, snippets of information, quotes, pictures - and even some chapters of book(s) I am writing on the surnames that appear in my family tree.  Who knows? there may even be some information that might help you, dear reader..."

Well, I've managed the 'anecdotes, snippets of information, quotes, pictures' part.  I haven't done the 'chapters of book(s)' bit, though - I suppose I am still too nervous of copyright thieves.  Anyway, the book I was writing ('Faith and Silk', about my way-back-when silkweaver ancestors) has proved to be such a monumental task that I have put it on the back burner while I flex my writing muscles on more 'modern' topics, such as my grandparents' life stories, joining in the Family History Writing Challenge, taking up the A-Z Challenge, and writing about Fearless Females.

The best thing I have discovered about writing a family history blog is that it focuses you.  At least, it did me.  Although I frequently tell beginners not to take a scattergun approach, I am rather poor at taking my own advice - and began to wonder why I wanted to give up researching my ancestors when I 'only' had about 3,000 of them.  Then I started this blog, and it has done wonders for my research approach.  Geneabloggers, with its excellent daily blogging prompts, and Thomas MacEntee with his boundless enthusiasm for the craft, have inspired me and FOCUSED me so that my family history has benefited enormously.

Thank you, Thomas, and also to all those who have followed me.


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