Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sorting Saturday: Sorting Myself Out

Usually, Sorting Saturday would deal with sorting the (many) piles of paper you have floating around your house, or sorting the (many) folders you have on your computer, or sorting the (many) unlabelled photos you have in (even more) boxes.  So I'm going to concentrate on none of that.  I think that, in order to be able to even peep through my fingers at the piles, I need to sort myself out first.

I have been ill for the past couple of months, so I haven't blogged at all.  And this is the first post I have made - about sorting myself out!  I made a page of all the webinars, courses etc which I have attended during 2012 (My 2012 Events), and found a post of mine from December 2010 all about making genealogy goals, so I will repeat my list from there, and add any updates:

#  Volunteer to index for FamilySearch
done this, but 'attendance' has become patchy; must improve
#  Write this blog more than once a week
progress has become patchy; must improve
#  Now I have a Kindle, investigate genealogy books I can acquire (preferably for free)
#  Add some more to my family history writing project
ongoing; have acquired copyright permission for cover photo; need to write more
#  Write another SFA College of Genealogy course
done - have written five!
#  Create a genealogy routine
not done at all

I can add to this list.

# Attend webinars
so far this year I have attended 10, with another 9 planned
# Attend RootsTech
attended via live streaming
# Complete at least one genealogy course
start a Pharos course on Monday 13th August 2012
# Oh, yes, nearly forgot - do some genealogical research on my own family as well!



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