Monday, 1 April 2013

A-Z Challenge 2013: A is for Arlee

A is for April, and the A-Z Challenge has arrived! But A is also for Arlee Bird, without whom the Challenge would not exist, so I am HUGELY grateful. The Challenge is to create a blog post every day during April, using a different letter of the alphabet as your theme for that day's post.

A-Z Challenge
Readers of my blog will remember the post I wrote about having missed the Challenge in 2011.  That particular post is so popular, it still pops up in my "You might also be interested in..." section at the foot of this
page, with 669 views.  I wish people would instead read some of my other posts which are about things more interesting than failure!

Last year (2012) I participated in the Challenge and, as I am principally interested in genealogy and family history, each of my daily A - Z posts were about genealogical things; and I propose to do the same this year.   Last year, with about a dozen views per post, I wrote about topics as diverse as Englishry (many bloggers found this fascinating), Hiring Fairs, Scanfest, and Time Immemorial (which had 652 views as opposed to the usual dozen!).  This year, the timetable runs like this:

Week One:
April 01, Monday - Letter "A"
April 02, Tuesday - Letter "B"
April 03, Wednesday - Letter "C"
April 04, Thursday - Letter "D"
April 05, Friday - Letter "E"
April 06, Saturday - Letter "F"
Week Two:
April 07, Sunday - BREAK
April 08, Monday - Letter "G"
April 09, Tuesday - Letter "H"
April 10, Wednesday - Letter "I"
April 11, Thursday - Letter "J"
April 12, Friday - Letter "K"
April 13, Saturday - Letter "L"
Week Three:
April 14, Sunday - BREAK
April 15, Monday - Letter "M"
April 16, Tuesday - Letter "N"
April 17, Wednesday - Letter "O"
April 18, Thursday - Letter "P"
April 19, Friday - Letter "Q"
April 20, Saturday - Letter "R"
Week Four:
April 21, Sunday - BREAK
April 22, Monday - Letter "S"
April 23, Tuesday - Letter "T"
April 24, Wednesday - Letter "U"
April 25, Thursday - Letter "V"
April 26, Friday - Letter "W"
April 27, Saturday - Letter "X"
Week Five:
April 28, Sunday - BREAK
April 29, Monday - Letter "Y"
April 30, Tuesday - Letter "Z"


  1. I look forward to reading your A-Z postings,Ros, as I enjoyed your A-Z challenge last yea. I have taken as my theme A Sense of Place, loosley linked to my family history and personal memories. Blogging every day will be a challenge in itself - so let's wait and see if I keep up!

  2. Hello, ScotSue - nice to 'speak' to you again. Yes, this year I will be doing another genealogy A-Z; quite a challenge just to find different things to blog about! I look forward to reading about A Sense of Place.

  3. This is my first A-Z Challenge and I am doing a genealogy theme also. I look forward to your posts!

  4. Hello Kristin - welcome to the A-Z Challenge. You will simply LOVE giving it a genealogy theme!

  5. Hi Ros. I'm looking forward to some interesting posts from you!



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