Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fearless Females: Minda Mary Edgcombe BALL

I am participating in the Fearless Females theme for National Women's History Month.

Minda Mary Edgcombe Ball (1894-1985)
  Isn't she beautiful?  this is my maternal grandmother.  The photo was taken in (I think) the 1930s, when she was a young married woman with seven children.  She taught me (by example) the meaning of femininity and grace, and I have many fond memories of hearing her rich Devon accent as she remembered things of long ago.  Yet she had a great sense of humour; she wasn't in the least bit prim.  She was loved by all her children, grandchildren and the rest of her family.  I can remember the surprise party we had for her 85th birthday, and how the whole hall buzzed with the enjoyment we felt.

Minda 1979


  1. She is very beautiful. And I love the name Minda. It's the first time I've ever heard it.

  2. Minda was originally short for Amanda (which means 'beloved'). My grandmother Minda's mother was Amanda. It was used in the West Country (SW England) as a name itself, but I have not seen it too frequently.



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