Sunday, 13 March 2011

1700 census Ottery St Mary

Well, I finally received the photocopies from the Devon Record Office of the 1700 census for Ottery St Mary, Devon.  They had already told me that there would be 4 pages, so I thought to myself, "Huh! I can do that easily - it'll take no time at all!"  That was until I got the photocopies.

The pages are written in a beautiful antique hand that I am not allowed to post online until I get permission from the local incumbent.  Some of the names are easily readable, such as 'John Mills' or 'William Taylor', but others will take a lot of studying - and, oh, I am going to have to work through the National Archives tutorials on palaeography.  Oh-dear-how-sad.  Can't you just see me rubbing my hands in glee? *huge grin*

From a vague guess, it looks as though the only people who are listed are heads of households and widows.  No children.  Not even 'John Bloggs, 1 wife, 6 children, 4 pigs, 2 cows...'.  Just 'John Bloggs'.  But I have already found my great great great great great great great grandfather, Walter Bastyn.

This looks exciting!  And as soon as I get church permission, I will post a snatch of the handwriting on this blog.

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