Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fearless Females 2014: Marriage Record: Minda LEY

The copy of the marriage certificate for Joseph BUCKINGHAM and Minda LEY which is in my possession has caused me a number of genealogical headaches over the years.

Joseph BUCKINGHAM and Minda LEY, 21 January 1872

  • If they were married in 1872, why do they not appear on the 1881 census?
  • Why does Joseph say he is 29, when actually he was 27 - or even 37?
  • Why is the bride named 'Minda' - when some sources call her 'Amanda', and others 'Aminta'?  Her birth registration has her as 'Amelia Melvinia'!
  • Who are William Charlick and Mary Yeo, the witnesses?
  • Was Adam a labourer, a weaver, or a chimney sweep?
  • Was he, in fact, Joseph's grandfather, rather than his father?
Over thirty years later, and I am still wondering...


  1. Have you been in touch with the Yeo one name study? (http://www.yeosociety.com/)

    1. Not yet - but I have now looked at their website and will be contacting them soon. Thanks for telling me about it!

  2. I have a Minta on my family tree who puzzles me as well. You have my sympathy. Here are the variations on her so far: Minda or Armin or Arminta or Amanda



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