Sunday, 1 April 2012

A-Z Challenge: A is for April's A-Z Challenge

Well, for quite some time now the post I wrote "I Missed the A-Z Challenge!" from last year has consistently been one of the top-read posts! so I am happy to announce that this year (2012) I have not missed the Challenge.

A-to-Z Challenge
The concept behind it is that you blog every day in April (except for Sundays) using a different letter of the alphabet for each day's post. [And btw, although today is a Sunday, you're allowed just this once].  I put together a word-processing document about all the genealogical things I wanted to blog about, thinking that I would find this really difficult, and ended up with not just one thing per day, but a whole choice of things per post - so my April is going to be not so much a challenge-to-find as a challenge-to-choose.  Here are just some of the ideas: Brickwall, Bishop's Transcripts, Brickmaking, Census, Certificates, Directories, Family History Societies, Geneabloggers - and the list goes on.

Week One:
April 01, Sunday - Letter "A"
April 02, Monday - Letter "B"
April 03, Tuesday - Letter "C"
April 04, Wednesday - Letter "D"
April 05, Thursday - Letter "E"
April 06, Friday - Letter "F"
April 07, Saturday - Letter "G"
Week Two:
April 08, Sunday - BREAK
April 09, Monday - Letter "H"
April 10, Tuesday - Letter "I"
April 11, Wednesday - Letter "J"
April 12, Thursday - Letter "K"
April 13, Friday - Letter "L"
April 14, Saturday - Letter "M"
Week Three:
April 15, Sunday - BREAK
April 16, Monday - Letter "N"
April 17, Tuesday - Letter "O"
April 18, Wednesday - Letter "P"
April 19, Thursday - Letter "Q"
April 20, Friday - Letter "R"
April 21, Saturday - Letter "S"
Week Four:
April 22, Sunday - BREAK
April 23, Monday - Letter "T"
April 24, Tuesday - Letter "U"
April 25, Wednesday - Letter "V"
April 26, Thursday - Letter "W"
April 27, Friday - Letter "X"
April 28, Saturday - Letter "Y"
Week Five:
April 29, Sunday - BREAK
April 30, Monday - Letter "Z"


  1. You're on top of it! Great job! :)

  2. I'm visiting from the A-Z Challenge!
    Genealogy - what a great idea for a theme... and fascinating too... after all, people always wonder about their roots/ancestry, but few bother to take the time to find out...

  3. Greetings, my fellow A-Z'r! Glad you're jumping in this year.

    I wish I had family from England you could help me with, but my people are all Krauts and Micks. I've discovered ancestry research in the last coupla and am enjoying it more than I thought I would.

  4. Will be watching for your posts!

    I'm interested to know what a geneablogger is -- I'll be sticking around!

    Also, I used to work in the Acquisitions Department of our local university library, so the fact that you also work in a library is definitely a point in your favor! ;-)

  5. An intriguing theme which has definitely got me thinking! Thank you for the idea.



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