Monday, 29 December 2014

Getting ready for the Genealogy Do-Over

I have been 'doing genealogy' for 35+ years (and it shows).  I love organising and making lists (and lists of lists, and so on).  So the idea of a 'Genealogy Do-Over', as proposed by Thomas MacEntee, filled my ecstatic little OCD mind with visions of checklists and office supplies (and more office supplies) and folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders on my hard drive.  I salivated at the concept.  Then I put some thought into it, and began my prep (most of which was already done, anyway, and I just had to create a virtual/cardboard box.

  • located all my vital records certificates and put them away in acid-free pockets in binders
  • separated out the digital versions into their own folders
  • created surname folders
  • made sure there were no digital photos named 'img1024.jpg' or similar
  • redeemed my coupon for three months' free Evernote Premium
  • thoroughly researched different softwares

Ha ha! Fooled you!

Now let's talk reality here.  Here are my responses to the above checklist:
  • where did I put that binder? did I remember to order the acid-free pockets...I'm sure I did...
  • wow...look at that...they were both 18 when they where's my link to Google Earth and I can look at the actual church...
  • create surname folders...this one's easy...[phone rings...and again] I've ended up with three folders for the same did that happen?
  • 'img4073.jpg'? you mean I have to go through 4073 photos and rename each one?
  • the deadline hasn't gone past yet...phew...whaddya mean, it has?
  • researched different softwares: check.  But I think I'll stay with the one I know, then I can afford to keep playing games on social media...
I'm not in a mess.  I'm not in a mess.  [I have to keep repeating that, to try and convince myself.]  But my motivation has disappeared, and my methodology seems to be along the lines of "let's see how fast we can get this done...[distracted by another website] ooh, SHINY..."

So my Do-Over mantra is going to be: SLOW DOWN and see what you missed along the way.


  1. hahahaaaa-Here I thought you accomplished that and was amazed and then I read what actually happened and smiled as that is more in my keeping:) Good luck for 2015!

    1. Well, a girl can dream, can't she?*grin* - although that is how I would *like* to be when this Do-Over has ended.

      All the best for 2015

  2. Hi Ros - yes ... we can dream ahead can't we. I too have lots to do re the blog and future net stuff ... but it's all grist to mill and we can make fine flour along the way.

    Good luck - it'll be fun following along .. cheers Hilary



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