Monday, 15 December 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2014: Christmas Tree Decorations

The only tree decoration I remember from my childhood was not a very Christmassy symbol.  It was a small metal purple, silver and blue bird like a peacock (and I don't think there were peacocks worshipping at the manger!), and it had a 'real' fibre tail - like the sort of bristles used on a pastry brush, or in fibre-optics nowadays.
Now the years have come and gone, so have the various tree decorations, but none has stayed, only the memory of that peacock (well, I thought it was a peacock, but then I was tiny).  Nowadays, I prefer the minimalist look anyway.  I'm not a fan of covering a tree's natural beauty with baubles and tinsel.  My own tree has a grand total of 4 glass baubles, 25 tiny coloured lights, and no tinsel whatsoever.  I like to see green!  Gives me more hope that the future will come again, rather than the sparkles and shiny things covering up the ghastly past.

At least, that's how I feel.  At work, I prefer as much sparkle and tinsel as possible to cover up the plainness; but at home, I prefer greenery - and lots of it.

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  1. I am behind! My tree has coloured lights, hand-made ornaments and bought and tinsel:) i decorate it the way it has been passed down for a few generations. i know my great, great Oma decorated it this way and I love it. I cherish the Faberge style eggs my mom created and she gave quite a few to my brother and I. She often handmade all the interiors as well from a church to a nativity and they are in chicken eggs-I prize them so much since now my mom does not even remember she used to make them

  2. Those eggs sound absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful thing to have. My mother was very talented, too, in making little things. Hold onto those eggs - they are absolutely unique.



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