Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2014: Christmas Traditions

Traditions, to me, often seem to be either a family thing, or something you share with at least one other person.  I find it quite difficult to start up traditions of my own, since I am on my own.  A tradition isn't a tradition when you are on your own; it's merely a quirk.  Would you agree?

Anyway, here are some of my 'quirks' - or 'traditions':

# I start my Christmas in October!  I love all the sparkle and glitter and just-plain-pretty that accompanies the wonderful spirit.  So I start in October (and often forget to take my tree down until the following April, but that's just because I'm too busy to actually do anything ho ho).  I am only supposed to start decorating at work on 1 December, but I try to sneak in a few unobserved decorations, and I always put my small Nativity scene on my computer, where I can see it.

# I refuse to go into town on the Saturdays in December.  The place is simply heaving.

# I buy myself a present.  I am still wondering about filling a stocking, too.

# I carefully select my Christmas viewing (of DVDs).  This year (2014) I will be watching some I have seen before (White Christmas, the 1st season of The Waltons, A Christmas Carol with Sir Patrick Stewart) and some completely new to me (Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, Frozen).

# And, most important of all, I read my scriptures, listen to carols, and do lots and lots of family history.

Can you add to my list? Please?

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  1. This is wonderful! My dad loved Christmas and one year we did not take the tree down until after Valentine's Day. The thing is it was a real tree and most of the needles were now on the carpet:) Oh I hope you enjoy Miracle and Wonderful Life as they are my favs. I would add Going My Way on this list too.

  2. That's one of the reasons I always have an artificial tree. I'm not too good on the housework side of things, so the mere thought of needles everwhere -aaargh! I will let you know what I thought of Wonderful Life.



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