Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A-Z Challenge 2014: B is for Backup

At the moment, backup and sync are two different things.  It's all about access!  If you do a backup you are putting your genealogical data safely away (in the cloud, on an external hard drive, on a thumb drive, wherever), but it is rare that you can then access it from anywhere else.  If you sync your data, it is available wherever you are - but, then again, it's sort of a backup, too.

www.a-to-zchallenge.comImagine you have a precious photo of Grandma which you have digitised.

If you back it up, a copy will sit wherever you have placed it 'just in case' something dreadful happens and your computer goes into meltdown.  You will feel so relieved!

If you sync Grandma's picture from home, then go to the office, you can look at it from (gasp!) your office computer (as long as the boss doesn't mind), the tablet computer you brought with you, your best friend's laptop... Then, if you draw a pair of spectacles on Grandma and a moustache, that will be available to view on all your devices as well.

But whatever you do - back it up or sync it, locally or online, and I hope you do all of this - then do it frequently.


  1. Great tips and a timely reminder. Ros. I know I am guilty of not backing up regularly - onto an external drive for my photographs and family history narratives. I also admit that my IT knowledge has not kept pace with technology, so "sync" was a new term for me and I liked your straightforward explanation. .

    1. Glad you found it useful. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Backing up is so vital in anything. I have to back up some files and pictures now that you have reminded me. We get complasent(I am awful how does one spell that word) and then something happens and all is lost. OK I can't find the spell checker and I know it's spelt wrong and no time to check:)

    1. Sometimes all it takes is somebody else to mention something in a small way, and then you remember "oh, yes, must do that". Thanks for stopping by!



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