Saturday, 19 June 2010

Surname Saturday: Blagdon

Most of the Blagdon men worked in and around the dockyards of Plymouth, Devon, UK.  Another mystery to be solved: the Blagdon surname originates from Northumberland and Somerset, and stretches as far back as the 14th century as a surname.  Since 'my' Blagdons were working in Plymouth dockyard, it may well be that they had something to do with the ship design and repair that the Dock was famous for.  (Further back in the Haywood past - the family they married into - many of the men were shipwrights).

As far as the Docks themselves are concerned, much information is available on the Plymouth Data website (more will be revealed during my post on this Follow Friday!).  The first stone dock was completed in 1698 at a cost of approximately £70,000 (approx 5 and a half MILLION pounds today).  It covered 24 acres.
(financial data from The National Archives converter)

I am sure some of my Blagdon ancestors worked there from 1698, but the first I have found is John Blagdon, born about 1797.

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