Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Her Corset Hurt

Minda Mary Edgcombe c1910
(aged approximately 16)
This is one of my favourite photos - because at last I discovered where my face came from! (before this, I wondered who I looked like; it certainly wasn't my parents - then I found this photo of my mother's mother).  Apparently, she looks so miserable in the photo because she had to wear a corset, and it hurt!


  1. Great photo! I bet that corset DID hurt. : )

  2. LOL. Do you know that from a family story or are you guessing? I think she looks lovely. Since you don't have to wear a corset, I'm sure you look lovelier. Right? I love the photo.

  3. Actually, I know it from the lady herself!

  4. nothing like a great 'foundation' ;-)



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