Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Way Back Wednesday: Ralph LEY and Martha MILLS 1786

Ralph LEY and Martha MILLS are my 5 x great grandparents.   They were married on 16 February 1786 in Mevagissey, Cornwall, where they were both born and where Ralph died.

They baptised six children in Mevagissey: Nicholas on 29 June 1788, Ralph on 10 Oct 1790, William on 4 Nov 1792, another William on 26 June 1796, Mary on 24 June 1798, and An on 11 July 1802.  I descend from Ralph christened 1790.  I was delighted, if stunned, to find this connection to Cornwall, because it happens on my mother's side of the family - the line that I thought was exclusively from Devon!

I remember that my parents took a motoring holiday in and around Mevagissey in the 1970s.  I wonder if my mother realised she was going back to her roots? My parents, and a young couple who were their best friends, all four of them cruising around in an old Jag, with the 8-track playing loud (eight-track decks were the 'in' thing at the time).  They must have felt like teenagers again (they were all in their forties).  Probably the locals hated them and thought they were loud and badly-behaved.  But they had a wonderful time.

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