Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Dad's Bread and Dripping

When my Dad was little, he was a terror. But in order to make him seem like a nice child, my grandmother had a useful trick. When he was invited to birthday parties, however, his mother (my grandmother, Elsie Beatrice Blagdon HAYWOOD) used to fill him up beforehand with bread-and-dripping.  This meant that, when he was asked at the party if he wanted seconds, he used to say (quite truthfully) "No, thank you, no thank you" - he couldn't have had any more; he was full of bread and dripping!

Note: in case you are one of those lucky people who is too young to remember bread-and-dripping: 'dripping' was something like lard and dripped from the fatty parts of an animal you had roasted (as in 'beef dripping' or 'pork dripping').  It used to be used for frying the chips of fish-and-chips, but now is considered not as healthy as, say, vegetable oil.  In Yorkshire, bread-and-dripping was often known as a 'mucky fat sandwich'.

Sounds yummy! (she said, with a forced smile).

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