Sunday, 1 May 2016

A-Z Challenge 2016: I'm a Survivor - Are You?

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  1. I am glad you survived the A-Z Marathon, Ros - as I did too. But I must admit it had its stressful moments. By April 1st I had drafted up to the letter M, largely because I was going to be away four days in the middle of the month. But I am dreadful for over-editing, and still spent too long tweaking just prior to posting. For the second half, although I had broad ideas on content, I was very much just writing a day or two ahead. I was delighted at the response to my theme "Memories of Childhood" which I felt had a general appeal that purely ancestral accounts would not have had. I liked the fact that you came up with interesting snippets of information and managed to write "short" posts. That is still my aim with A-Z challenges, but I don't manage to get there - I cannot just stick to one topic per letter. The other part of the challenge is keeping up with reading and commenting on other bloggers' posts. It helped this year that I identified blogs from the new Facebook page "We Are Genealogy Bloggers" and saved them to my Reading List. This meant they flashed up on screen and I did not have to hunt for them. The downside was I did not extend my reading into other areas beyond history. The benefits - yes I did enjoy the writing, gained a few new followers, and, best of all, made contact with new (to me) FH bloggers, which I had not done for some time. Every year I think I am crazy for taking part, but then my mind soon fills with "What shall I do for my theme next year?" So watch this space in 2017! What are your own thoughts?
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  2. Yes - and I have enjoyed your posts. I found your blog late in the game but did go back and read them all. In your other, other, other,other spare time, drop by and see what I am up to.

  3. Yes I made it too, Ros :) Well done to us both I think. Tired but happy! I've posted my Review and am now waiting to hop on the Road Trip as I felt I didn't get round to as many new blogs as I'd have liked this year :)
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