Saturday, 13 June 2015

On This Day: 13 June

13 June 1813: my great great great great great uncle was born.  Samuel MURCH, born to another Samuel MURCH and Margaret Marshall Littley MURCH in Ottery St Mary, Devon.  He was baptised on Boxing Day of that year: 26 December 1775, also in Ottery St Mary.
Samuel Murch birth/baptism entry 1775
And here he is again in the Bishop's Transcripts, a little more neatly written
Samuel Murch birth/baptism entry 1775

Seems fairly straightforward, don't you think?  Except someone sixty years ago said that he also died and was buried on that same Boxing Day - and I can't find a record to back this up.

Samuel Murch birth/baptism entry 1778
Then came my direct-line ancestor - yet another Samuel MURCH, born to the same parents 11 April 1778 (Ottery St Mary) and baptised 1 January 1778/79.  Since he was also called Samuel, it is pretty logical to think that the Samuel born in 1775 had died.  But had he?  Definitely a genealogical mystery to solve.

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  1. That is quite the mystery. I love when one can go back this far with ones' relatives

    1. I consider myself especially blessed that almost all the Devon registers have been scanned by FindMyPast. Means I get to see the brown spidery handwriting instead of a digital transcription that is actually someone else's opinion (however good they are).



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