Sunday, 12 April 2015

A-Z Challenge 2015: J is for Just A Minute

Not well right now, so normal Challenge broadcasts will be resumed as soon as possible.

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  1. I hope you soon feel better, Ros, and I look forward to catching up on your A-Z challenge in due course.

  2. Oh boy you are the 3rd blogger in the A to Z who got hit with the bug. I got it a month ago and still have the stupid cough. I hope you will feel better soon

  3. I'll check back. In the meantime, Get Well Soon!
    Visiting from AtoZ

  4. Sorry you're not feeling well! I hope you get back on the horse soon :)
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Cohost
    @ayjaylauer on Twitter

  5. Get better soon. Your health is most important.

    Stephen Tremp
    A-Z Co-host
    Q is for Quantum Mechanics



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