Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sympathy Saturday: William EDGCOMBE and Mary Ann FOSTER

My genealogy program (Legacy) spat out this rather tortuous relationship: that I am William's nephew's wife's 2nd great-greatniece.  That doesn't mean I can't feel sympathy for this couple.

William and Mary Ann married in 1845 in Plymouth, Devon, England.  The first child I can find is a girl, Emma Jane, who was born in 1850.  I can find no further record of her, though, so she may have died young.  If she survived - she was the only child to do so.

Then came Charles, who died when he was three 1854).
He was followed by Eveline Maria, who died when she was one (1854).
Then came Henry Charles, who died when he was four (1859).
Edward Alfred didn't live for an entire year, and died in 1857.
Edwin Henry Charles lived for two years until his death in 1861.
Another Eveline Maria didn't survive a year (1863).

Poor William and Mary Ann!

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