Wednesday, 21 August 2013

On This Day: 21 August

John Samuel EDGCOMBE, 1870-1949
On this day in 1949, my great-grandfather died in Australia.  No - I'm not from 'Down Under' myself; in fact, 99.9% of our family tree comes from England.  My great-grandfather, John Samuel EDGCOMBE, and my great-grandmother, Annie Marian BUCKINGHAM (who also died in Australia, in 1961) went out there in 1926 with some of their teenage children.  I think I need to delve more into 'why'.  I've got the passenger lists as to 'how' and 'when'.  But 'why'? 

Twenty years ago, I found that they had more than 600 descendants living in Australia.  But 'why' in the first place?

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