Wednesday, 23 February 2011

1841 census - Ottery St Mary

Well, the CD has arrived (the CD of the 1841 census for Ottery St Mary).  I can hardly wait to begin to transcribe it for FreeCEN.  Wait - I can wait.  Or at least, I know I should wait.  Because once I dive into it, I will need hours and hours because I will become so fascinated with the process (and the census itself), and the evenings after a hard day's work just won't suffice.

So I will grit my teeth and think hard about something else, and leave the 1841 census until the weekend.

I listened to a Legacy webinar tonight.  Next week is the second part of a series of 'Blogging for Beginners' by DEARMyrtle (or is she DearMYRTLE?).  Legacy have kindly put the first part (which I missed) back into their viewable webinar archives, which has prompted me to come here.

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