Monday, 19 July 2010

Maritime Monday: All at Sea

The start of a new daily blogging theme: Maritime Monday.  As so many of my ancestors were sailors, or coastguards, or fishermen, or shipwrights, or had something to do with the sea, I decided to make Mondays my day for honouring them.  (BTW, this is with the permission of Thomas MacEntee).  Many of my ancestors lived near the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall, so the sea would have played a large part in their lives anyway, and those areas are rich in folklore, as well as being my ancestral home!

If anyone else has seafaring folk in their family tree, I invite you to consider having your own Maritime Monday.  Something I have found to be an excellent focus for my research is having a blog, and especially designating one particular day for one particular theme.  It does away with the scattergun approach, and it is surprising just how real an ancestor becomes when you focus on just him or her.  It has given my family history research a whole new direction, and I have regained the impetus which I was beginning to lose.

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